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Creating Community Through Play

We are Lakeland’s first multi-faceted event space created just for children. Little Lake’s mission is to inspire the minds of children and encourage them to learn through free play, focused classes and hands-on activities. We are excited to offer a variety of services to our community.

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Open Free Play

We believe that free play is an important part of a child’s development. It encourages

use of their imagination, helps them explore and expand their physical abilities and

aids in brain development. Yes, simply having fun can do all those things! Bring your

child for free-play time and watch them explore our child-sized storefronts and

facades while learning through play. Free-play is offered to both the community and members of Little Lake.

Event and Party Space

While we have beautiful event spaces in Lakeland, we are excited to be the

first one dedicated to children. The unique and upscale design of our play area is

built-in entertainment and the perfect place to host a child-friendly birthday or holiday event. We have a variety of themed packages to choose from for your event, or

you can customize your own.

Events and Classes

We work hard to put on unique experiences for both parents and kids with one goal in mind: to have FUN! Parents can also enjoy a date night with our Kids’ Night Out. Keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter or visit our events page so you can get your reservations in for our upcoming events. In addition to our full-of-fun events, Little Lake offers focused classes through reservations only.


These fun classes are meant to spark imagination and encourage children to use their problem-solving skills, creativity, and physical abilities. STEM, kid-friendly yoga, inventor’s workshop and more! Focused classes are a separate fee and differ based on the class

being offered and supplies needed. Visit our learn page for a full schedule of classes we are offering each month. 

A Childcare Option

Little Lake is NOT A CHILDCARE CENTER, but we do recognize the need in our community for such places. This is why we have partnered with Carilly - a local babysitting and nanny placement service, caring for children in Lakeland and the immediate surrounding area. This company is mom-owned and highly reputable when it comes to childcare. Little Lake has an established partnership with Carilly for onsite babysitting. Carilly sitters will be part of Kids’ Night Out, assist with member events, and help with our focused classes. 


Parents may also request a sitter through the Carilly app for onsite babysitting during free play time. During this time it is the responsibility of the parent to provide their Carilly sitter with all necessary supplies to care for their children onsite. Items like diapers, formula, snacks and other necessities are not provided by Little Lake or Carilly. When booking through the Carilly app, you will select Little Lake as your location and the booking fee will be waived.

Office and Conference Room Rentals for Working Parents

Do you need to get a little work done but also have the kids at home? We have a great option for you! Now at Little Lake, working parents can rent work or conference spaces. This means you can get your work done while your kids are having fun in our play space. Each rental also comes with access to our complimentary snack and coffee area.

Tutoring Services with Carilly

Little Lake provides a dedicated quiet space for tutoring services. Your student can get individualized instruction and help in areas where they may struggle academically. Whether they’re practicing sight words, just learning to read or working on math, our tutors can find the right activities to make learning efficient and fun. Visit our website to fill out a tutoring request so that we may find the right tutor for your child. Each tutoring session is 50 minutes and is paid at a rate of $25 per session.

Summer Camp (COMING 2024)

Little Lake is excited to offer summer camp throughout the summer months. Each week of the summer will include a different theme and give children the opportunity to play, socialize and learn even when school is out. Summer camps will run from the first Monday after public school is out until the last Friday of the summer. Summer camps will be determined and updated by April of each year.


Little Lake Toy Shop

You can take a piece of our play space home with you! Visit our Little Lake Toy Shop right next door to our play space. You may also visit our website to view our shop and order online. Find unique brands from Tender Leaf Toys, Ooly, Begin Again and more! Little Lake members will enjoy 10 percent off items in our store.


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Callie Miller

Callie is the owner of Little Land and Carilly, a local babysitting and nanny placement service. She is a dreamer and thrives in 

Tina Martin

Tina is so excited to be a part of the Little Lake Team because she absolutely loves kids. In fact, she has raised six of her own! They are all grown, but now she is raising her Rottweiler puppy. She loves fitness and is a licensed personal fitness trainer, with a major in psychology. In her spare time she enjoys camping, hiking, boating, going to the beach and hanging out with her family. She worked many years for Mickey and Minnie and loves using her imagination.

Katie Black

Saturn Naron


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