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play rules at little lake

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Little Lake Play Rules

Little Lake is NOT a childcare facility. Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. Parents who hire sitters through Carilly must ensure their sitters have everything they need.

Waivers for each person entering the play area must be signed and up-to-date prior to entry.

No shoes inside the play facades.


Socks are to be worn inside the play area. You may bring socks from home or purchase socks for $3 at the front desk.

Slide facing forward in a seated position. Only one person down the slide at a time.

Do not bring toys or other loose items onto the slide.

No climbing up the slide.


Food and drinks are not allowed inside the play facades.

Untitled-Artwork 11.PNG
Untitled-Artwork 11.PNG


  • Please note that WE ARE NOT A CHILDCARE FACILITY. Parents, guardians or Carilly sitters must be in the play area supervising their children at all times. 

  • All parents or guardians must sign a waiver for each child before entering the play area. 

  • Food is not allowed inside the play facades or swings. Food should be eaten in designated seating areas. 

  • Outside drinks that are resealable are allowed inside the play area. 

  • There is a diaper changing station in the large adult restroom. Please be sure to change diapers in the restrooms.

  • We reserve the right to ask children who are disruptive to the learning and play of others to leave.

  • We ask all guests remove shoes and wear SOCKS ONLY. Clear booties are provided for adults upon request at no charge. You may bring socks from home or you may purchase socks on site.

  • We have free Wifi for public access.

  • ONLY PARENTS OR CAREGIVERS OF CHILDREN BEING CARED FOR AT LITTLE LAKE will be allowed to rent on-site office or conference spaces.

  • Parents who are renting office or conference space will need to ensure on-site childcare ahead of time through Carilly. 

  • Parking is available on the side and in back of the building. 

  • No street-side entry is permitted. Enter through the double doors on the back side of the building.

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