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  • This science kit gives kids the tools and tips they need to learn how to be a master spy — but it doesn't take itself too seriously. The cleverly disguised decoy box contains cool spy tools, including a spy-decoder periscope (disguised as a pencil box), a microphone (disguised as a yo-yo), rear-view spy glasses, collapsible spy binoculars, a magnifying loupe, signal mirrors, a masked viewing prop (holes in the back of the book to spy through), and a hilarious in-world book with spy missions and challenges to test your skills. Young sleuths will have a blast using the periscope to stake out and covertly observe the happenings in their home, using their magni-scope to read microprinting on money, tailing a friend from the front with their rearview glasses, writing secret code messages to their spy partner with the Caesar Cipher built into the periscope, and more. Kids can learn about optics, the science of light, and the science of sound.

    Spy School Sneaky Surveillance

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